Pavel Shappo lives and works in Minsk and Moscow. He has been actively exhibiting his art since the late 1990s. His creative career started in Vitebsk, where his father – a well-known graphic artist Vladimir Shappo – worked at that moment.
There Pavel graduated from the faculty of graphic arts of Vitebsk State Pedagogical University and fell in love with the artistic atmosphere of the city created by the great masters – Lissitzky, Malevich, Pen, Falk and Chagall. Then he moved to Minsk, worked in St Petersburg, Baku, Moscow, participated in plein air events in Warsaw and Mexico.
Pavel works as a painter, set designer, film and theatre production designer.
Enjoys working in different arts: feature films visual imagery and stylistic solutions, scriptwriting and implementation of multimedia projects, installations, interior design.
Nevertheless, painting remains Pavel’s main passion.

Since 2010 – a member of the Belarusian Union of Designers.
Since 2013 – a member of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers.
Since 2015 – a member of Belarusian Union of Artists.


2019 – BALLET “A LEGEND OF THE LAKE” AT THE SOFIA OPERA AND BALLET. Sets and the costumes of Pavel Shappo, Sofia
2018 – “strusto • dauble • richi • savanar”. Art-gallery of Mikhail Savitsky, Minsk
2017 – STORIES. Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk
2017 – PAINTING & STORIES. Meridiana Art Gallery, Verona
2016 – AFTERPARTY. DK Gallery, Minsk
2016 – AFTERPARTY. EXPOSED Art Center, Moscow
2015 – VIVA! DK Gallery, Minsk
2015 – Scale 1:25. Exhibition of production designers. Palace of Arts, Minsk
2014 – COCKTAIL. K35 Art Gallery, Moscow
2014 – IV Belarusian Biennial of Painting, Graphic Art and Sculpture. Palace of Arts, Minsk
2013 – Art-project “Door”. Center of Contemporary Arts, Minsk
2012 – With Love to Latin America. Under the auspices of the Honorary Consulate of Peru in Belarus, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Belarus, the Latin American Cultural Centre named after S. Bolivar. National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk
2012 – MÉXICOOBSESIÓN. Atlant-M Uruchie Auto Centre, Minsk
2010 – PASHAPPOPOPURRI–2. Atlant-M Mazda Auto Centre, Minsk
2009 – SHE IS MY BABY TU-144. City Hall, Regional History Museum, Vitebsk
2009 – OBSESSION. Bashimi House, Salzburg, Austria
2008 – TOTENKOPF UND APFELSTRYDEL VOL/2, Zoya Gallery, Warsaw
2008 – About Alcohol & Other Things. Underground Gallery, Minsk
2008 – SHE’S MY BABY. City Hall, Regional History Museum, Vitebsk
2008 – PASHAPPOPOPURRI. Music salon, Vitebsk
2006 – National Youth Exhibition “How I Spent the Summer”, Palace of Arts, Minsk
2006 – a prize winner of the contest “Eros & Thanatos” held by Ars Longa Gallery, Minsk
2005 – National Youth Exhibition “To See the Air”. Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk
2004 – National Youth Exhibition “Travelling”, Palace of Arts, Minsk
2003 – ALCOOLS. TERRE DES HOMMES Gallery, Minsk
2003 – Granite Sculpture Symposium dedicated to the 45th anniversary of Novopolotsk
2002 – VITEBSK ARTISTS. Polotsk State University Gallery, Novopolotsk
2002 – LIVE VITEBSK. City Hall, Regional History Museum, Vitebsk
2001 – CHRISTMAS PUNCH. Museum of Contemporary Belarusian Sculpture named after A. Bembel, Minsk.
2000 – National Youth Exhibition “New Names”, Palace of Arts, Minsk
2000 – COCKTAIL. Gold Gallery, Minsk.
2000 – SHAPPO & SONS. Palace of Arts, Minsk
1998–1999 – ART FORCAST. Rysa Gallery, Polotsk
1998 – SH–3. 6th Line Gallery, Minsk.
1995 – a prize winner of the International Contest “ART-SESSION”, Vitebsk
1995 – CHUCHUNDRA POVIDYSH. City exhibition hall, Orsha
1994 – a prize winner of the International Contest “ART-SESSION”, Vitebsk
1993 – SHAPA–1. City Hall, Regional History Museum, Vitebsk

Works were acquired by Vitebsk Art Museum, New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Russian Art and private collectors in Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, France, Mexico, Lebanon, Austria and Switzerland.

Film production designer:

2015 – Nika Award nominee for best production design, film “Kletka”.
2014 – Nika Award nominee for best production design, film “Doorkeeper”.

2018 – TV series “Polyarnyy-17”
TV channel TNT
Director: Konstantin Statskiy
Camera operator: Ulugbek Khamraev

2017 – feature film “Don’t say goodbye” (Russia)
Film Company “RFG FILMS”
Director: Pavel Drozdov
Camera operator: Kirill Speranskiy

2015 – series “In the constellation of Sagittarius” (Russia)
Film Company “Central Partnership”
Director: Roman Gapaniuk
Camera operator: Mikhail Onipenko

2015 – feature film “Kletka” (Russia)
Film Companies: “Fortuna Film”, “Mosfilm”, “Lenfilm”.
Script: Yuriy Arabov
Director: Ella Arkhangelskaya
Camera operator: Arsen Maklozian

2014 – feature film “Doorkeeper” (Russia)
Film Company “Jupiter FM”.
Director: Arkadiy Yakhnis
Camera operator: Maria Diagileva

2014 – feature film “I won’t come back” (Finland, Russia, Estonia)
Film Companies: “STV”, “Amrion”, “Helsinki-Filmi”, “Belarusfilm”, “Kazakhfilm”, “EURIMAGES”
Director: Ilmar Raag
Camera operator: Tuomo Hutri

2013 – short film “Russian” (Belarus)
Film Company “Belarusfilm”
Director: Victor Asliuk
Camera operator: Yuriy Dokuchaev

2013 – series “Perfumer” (Russia)
Film Company “Mars Media”
Director: Igor Royzman
Camera operator: Vitaliy Konevtsov

2013 – feature film “Ba-bu” (Azerbaijan, Belarus)
Film Companies: “Belarusfilm”, “Azerbaijanfilm”
Director: Ali Khamraev
Camera operator: Victor Bondarovich.

2012–2013 – series “Oh dear!” (Belarus, Russia)
Film Companies: “Belarusfilm”, LLC Studio “WE”
Director: Ivan Pavlov
Camera operator: Viacheslav Dunaev

2012–2013 – series “White wolves” (Russia)
Film Company “Intra Communications Inc.”
Director: Igor Zabara
Camera operator: Andrey Yeryomin

2012 – series “Fatal dance” (Belarus)
Film Company “Belarusfilm”
Director: Igor Chetverikov
Camera operator: Alexander Abadovskiy

2011 – series “Epistolary novel” (Russia)
Film Company “Theseus”, Production Centre “Fabula”
Director: Konstantin Statskiy
Camera operator: Artyom Anisimov

2011 – series “Navigator” (Russia)
Film Company CJSC “Artline”
Director: Denis Skvortsov, Pavel Drozdov
Camera operator: Victor Bondarovich

2010 – series “Nickname “Albanian” -3” (Russia)
Film Companies: Production Centre “Fabula”, NTV Broadcasting Company, “Belarusfilm”, “Tanfilm”
Director: Alexey Karelin
Camera operator: Victor Zubarev

2010 – feature film “Bridge of time” (Russia)
Film Company “Mallory Film”
Director: Alexey Kolmogorov
Camera operator: Arunas Baraznauskas

Production design for commercials:

Pavel has been working on commercials since 2012. Performed work for the following companies: Samsung, Huawei,, Velcom, MTbank, Wargaming, etc.